My story starts with a single customer who was not happy with the service he received. In 1999, I was an ordinary internet user who needed to host a few hobby web sites; naturally, my local ISP hosted them. The quality, uptime, and attitude of the provider towards customers were unfortunately pretty shabby. Since it was unreasonably expensive for such unreasonably bad service, I had to change my provider; I found peace in another one that specialized in web hosting.

The new provider I found asked for a one-time fee of $200, and nothing more than that. They even offered a control panel, which was such a luxury in the year 2000. And the best part? They offered a reseller package of ten accounts with a 50% discount. Since I had six web sites at the time, this option was perfect for me. It was not hard at all to sell the extra four packages - short post in a local internet forum later, and they were gone. As I can not promise eternal heaven to anybody, I decided to sell them on an annual basis.

People started to ask for more accounts. I used to tell them it was an incident and I do not have more accounts for sale. But when they wouldn’t stop asking, I thought I might as well give the people what they want: I bought another 50 slots, with an even greater discount.

I am Dimitar Dimitrov, founder and CEO of ICDSoft - a web hosting provider since 2000. This story is dedicated to my team and to all, who strive to keep the Internet alive.