At ICDSoft, we had no luck with developers for the first 12 years of our company history. Since day one we were missing a Software Architect: someone with abilities to foresee, plan, and manage other developers in order to create an integrated system that serves all customers and company needs. This is an irony: we are icdSOFT, but developing software was our Achilles heel. One day, during a company meeting, I told my colleagues that should we split into two companies – one that provides software and another that provides support services - the first one will bankrupt very soon. Developers were not happy to hear it. To me, there are two types of software developers: programmers that actually translate algorithms from human language into programming code, and Software Architects. A good Software Architect is hard to find. Although our systems were serving the purposes they were made for, it was a patchwork under the hood. I was not able to rest until I see the software team work flawlessly, so I was hiring, firing, and changing on annual basis, without success.

One day I decided to look inside ICDSoft: a Support guy who is with us since 2003, gifted with brilliant mind, with talent about Mathematics and Physics. I spoke to him, but he was not willing to get out of his comfort zone. He also knew that it was a big responsibility, as he saw quite many people failing to meet my requirements. I did my best and explained to him that should we fail to find a solution for this department, we are fated to continue “patchworking” and struggle/crawl when introducing new stuff. Finally he agreed. He asked if we could take back another ex-Support guy, also very smart, who left us years ago as he started own successful business. He was the only person I truly regret for leaving us, and of course I welcomed the idea of getting him back on board. Luckily, we never ever had a problem with cash flow and profit, and even more luckily, ex-Support2 had only good experience with us, so we met and he agreed. My wish was to scrap all we had and build everything from zero, but this was not possible on a live system that serves tens of thousands accounts. Imagine you have an old town with narrow streets, without any modern infrastructure, and you want to give to its citizens everything modern you can imagine, but with one condition: they should not notice the construction process. So they made a very detailed plan, ex-Support2 serves as a Team Leader of developers and ex-Support24 is a Project Manager/Coordinator. His job looks like the one of an air traffic controller: he knows what everyone in ICDSoft does and makes sure there will be no collision/conflict ever, and all this works as a well-oiled machine.
This is what we are now, with excellence achieved by all departments, 18 years of history and 540 years of collective ICDSoft experience.