Friday 13th: I take disaster recovery so seriously that most people that know me think I am crazy, or at least a profound pessimist.

When hearing “disaster recovery”, what comes to most people mind is related to server backups, and how the servers will be set back up in case there is a disaster at the datacenter. While this is also important of course, my opinion is the following: It is much more important to make sure that your operations center and your support team continues to work. Imagine what happens if a hosting company lost its system administrators and support team. To me, this is much more serious loss than losing hosting servers. If a server farm burns to the ground, you can buy new servers and place them at another datacenter in a matter of hours – provided that your operations center is live. But if you lose your personnel, it would take years to build anything close to a support team or a team of system administrators.

So in case of a disaster, it is of vital importance our operations center to continue working. The good thing is that we can work from any place in the world, provided that there is proper Internet connection.

I have spent millions on purchasing lands in a remote area and building a retreat that can accommodate all my colleagues together with their families. This retreat has its own farm that can also feed all of us. We have an island-type electrical grid (360m2 of solar panels, eight tons of batteries, six diesel generators of different sizes, five of them mobile, 10,000L of diesel), construction and agricultural machinery (three excavators, two wheel loaders, mobile cranes, dumper truck, roller, tractors, general purpose trucks), workshop equipped with all "toys" one can imagine: we can build a vehicle or an aircraft from scratch there, if needed. We have 15 experienced workers who maintain all of this. We own 14 amphibious vehicles as well, as we might need them in case of an evacuation. We have an agreement with an air transport company to organize the helicopter transport from the office to the retreat in case of an emergency. Needless to say, we have a helipad and an underground hangar there. The farm at our retreat produces different food products, all bio. We have built a very serious infrastructure there: pipelines, water wells, underground water reservoirs, artificial lakes where we grow fish as well. The retreat works as an independent “island”-type system: own electricity, own water supply, and two-way satellite Internet connection as an addition to local connectivity.

The only thing we need from the outside world is peace. If not given, me and retreat guards have the experience to achieve it locally. Let others think I am a pessimist or crazy - I am an optimist that we will be around long enough, and will not just be live, but will be able to serve our customers no matter what happens. We have built a huge underground military grade facility (it is another business/hobby of mine), fully equipped to serve as the Network Operational Center of ICDSoft. So if one day you hear bad news from our region, do not worry: we will be sound and safe, answering your support tickets as fast as we always do, yet we will be helping our community (we join rescue operations and forest firefighting whenever needed), as our government is definitely not as prepared as we are.