When I was 10, I still believed that our perfect world is built on fair grounds, and everyone gets exactly what he/she deserves. With this belief in mind, I had my worries whether I am smart enough. The reason: my best friend and a classmate seemed to be a genius, and despite all my efforts, I still had some B marks while his record was perfect, always A. I am born perfectionist, and this was bothering me a lot. One day I got flu and had to stay at home. In the afternoon, when school hours were over, I decided to call my friend and to ask him about homework. Dialed the number, and something strange happened: instead of a busy signal, I heard “Good afternoon, Mrs X, I am the biology teacher of your son. How are you, I hope you and Mr. X are doing well. I am calling to tell you that tomorrow will examine your son on the first chapter of the last lesson and the second chapter on previous one. Have a nice day!”. Conversation was over, but I froze for a minute, still holding the handset, with eyes wide open. This was one of the most important moments in my life. I understood that I was not stupid and he was not a genius: I recalled two occasions when he was pulled to be examined, and he didn't say a word. It was strange, and everyone thought he had some personal problem, so teachers asked him to sit back, without putting a mark. Also, this was the last day in my life I cared about marks.

After this moment, I never ever had any worries about marks. Instead, I started selecting what to learn. I used to read a lot and I am still doing it, but don’t ask me about diplomas and certificates. Also I learned that I was living in a world where not everybody is fair. As we have to compete with people who cheat, we have to keep in mind that cheating also requires some time, effort, and preparation. I believe that we should not bother ourselves that much with the existence of cheaters, and we should spend our time on achieving excellence in the things we do. They have chosen to exist in another dimension, and we should leave them alone.

When I started providing web hosting service back in year 2000, I asked operators of a few web hosting directories how to get ICDSoft listed there. I got pricelists instead: one has to pay in order to get listed, and can also buy an exact position on their chart! What is even worse: many of these hosting directories are owned by hosting companies, so there is no way for us to get listed there at all.

What is the meaning of spending lot of time and effort on hiding the truth about a product, instead of improving this same product? We are talking about products that are subject to multiplication: “Improve the product's quality and multiply the profit while saving on advertising” sounds better than “Multiply the unhappy customers by costly advertising campaigns of a low quality product, and then try to deal with the consequences”. The second one sounds like another scenario for a Mr. Bean movie.

This topic does not deserve even half of what I just wrote, so I will stop here.