Often, there are customers who ask for a multi-domain hosting account. These customers get the explanation that we allow one site per hosting account, along with multiple parked domains pointing to the same site. If a customer needs a separate domain with a separate site, they would have to open a separate hosting account.

We’ve discussed this matter here many times. Colleagues come to me explaining that most hosts are allowing multidomain hosting. This makes them worry, that we are not keeping in line with the others in the industry.

Here is how the matter looks to me:
At some point, some hosting provider decided to allow multi-domain hosting, as to be more competitive, and others just had to follow, as not to be behind. We will never join this silly game, for the same reason we will never offer a plan with unlimited resources. We provide web hosting service to some 62,000 websites, owned by 30,000 customers. Should we provide multi-domain hosting, the number of accounts will slash to 30,000, more than double. Should we keep the same price with multi-domain hosting allowed, this means I will have to lower salaries to half of what they are, as I could hardly negotiate much lower prices with Data Centers or domain registrars. Allowing multi-domain hosting will not bring more customers as everyone does it anyway, so why should customers move from where they are?

While we do not provide multi-domain hosting and we will never do, we do have volume discount policy, so customers with more than one account get a discount of between 20 and 50%. My opinion is that the quality we provide deserves every penny customers pay.