"The Customer is always right."

We are used to reading and hearing it everywhere. But does the fact that someone holding a dime they are willing to spend makes them right, no matter what? How much does our dignity cost?

As my colleagues do not have to worry about their paychecks, customers' appraisal is what makes the difference for them. They literally live for it. It is a game they are addicted to: everyone does their best to achieve the widest smile on your face. And their best is really the best you can get on this planet. But we are all humans, and sometimes we carry our mood as a broken sack of stuff. When you have to provide service to someone who cannot deal with their broken sack of rotten mood, you will surely get a piece of it. In these situations, there is always some room for sympathy and understanding, so we do not take it that deep.

You may think how bad it is when someone decides to throw it on you when you are the last person that deserved it. No, it is much worse when this actually happens and at the same time “The Customer is always right” is hanging over your head at your working place. This slogan is cynicism and has nothing in common with the good taste, democracy, and justice. To me, it tells “employees in this shop/office are slaves, without rights, guilty by association”. Each time I have to resolve a situation with a customer, or some kind of dispute, I do not take side before I see all the facts, as both Colleagues and Customers are a part of my team. As I “suffer” a strong sense of justice, I dig deeply into each case. I will not work with people who are unfair to others, so a Colleague insulting a Customer is the fastest way to leave our company. Believe it or not, this has never happened here. A Customer insulting a Colleague without any reason guarantees moving to a new web hosting provider and an eternal record in our black list – this customer will be refused service forever. It is a part of my job to protect and defend both my customers and my colleagues, and I will spare no resources or means, should someone make any of them not happy.