Loss of customer data is my biggest nightmare since the day I decided to provide web hosting services. To prevent data loss, we run hundreds of backup servers, and each of them holds as many hard drives as it could get fit with. Also, they usually come with the biggest capacity which the industry is able to produce. The customer data is protected first by using RAID6 arrays and then by copying the backup date on separate servers. So, the data redundancy is n+2. 

With such big backup capacity provided, we are able to keep at least seven copies of customer data – one per day, for the past seven days. Very often a customer is to realize they messed up something by mistake and they want to restore the content of a web site to its state from two or three days ago. We provide this service free of charge, and thus we try to save some trouble for our customers. Moreover, when a server breaks and its data get lost, we can restore it quickly – sometimes within minutes. A server could be a home of hundreds of web sites. If a data loss occurs, and if customers have to re-upload sites/data themselves, then the process might take days or weeks. Also, for sure not everyone is ready to deal with emergency re-uploading. Additionally, it would be an enormous waste of labor: tens of thousands lost hours for our customers in total, compared to an hour of work for one of our system administrators.

Earlier today my colleagues told me that most of the other web hosting companies do not provide backup service nowadays, or require additional money for it. I surely know that in this way they save millions on hardware but my logic tells me that the next thing they will stop providing is the web hosting service itself.