My decision for purchasing my first own server and being a web host myself had strong emotional grounds.

At that time, the decision was very premature: I knew almost nothing about server administration, so I had to find someone to do it for me. I found a guy who was very smart, with good knowledge on system administration, and some experience in programming. I decided to bet on him, so he was in charge to manage my only server and to develop the first version of the Control Panel for my customers. Sadly, soon I found that while he is very intelligent, he is also very irresponsible. Service quality was definitely not his type of stuff. Services and interfaces broke on an hourly basis, and he used to switch his phone off every time he was not in mood. As I was dealing with the Customer Support by myself, I was often in a situation to comfort and calm customers with no ability to resolve the problem, as the only person with root access to the server was not accessible. It was a nightmare that lasted for about two weeks.

These days now seem ages ago to me. After the initial failure, I found another guy. He was very young, just 19, but he already had three years experience with Linux server administration. He explained to me how he worked for local Internet provider while still attending school. He turned to be very responsible, smart, and organized.

Since then, we have never had any problems with System Administrators and server administration. As of today, 16+ years later, our Admin Team numbers seven, plus two System Developers, and the young colleague I mentioned above is still with us.