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P.S. We are looking for the old treasurer too!

Someone said that money make the world go round. Actually, it is not the money, but something that I literally call "The Trust". Money is just one of the many faces of the Trust. If no one trusts anyone else, everyone will lock in their shells, and really, nothing will go round.

One day, ten years ago, I went to my school as I was curious how it changed since I graduated. It was almost 20 years since my graduation. I was surprised to find that some of my teachers were still there and my IT teacher became a Principal.  They were happy to see me, and the Principal asked me if I wanted to see classrooms. To my surprise, they still had the old CRT monitors. I did not hide my surprise and commented that this is unhealthy for kids. Only teachers had LED displays, and I commented that this was not fair, counting how many CRT monitors they had. There were 44 CRTs, and I said “Tomorrow I will bring 50 new LED monitors for you”. They did not react at all.

The next day I parked my SUV, full of monitor cases, in front of the school. I called the principal asking for help to carry all these 50 boxes. She came downstairs with two teachers, and they were just standing and staring for a while, as I started carrying boxes. Then she said “Yesterday we thought you were kidding”. I was a good student, and my conduct during school years was exemplary. Then how they could imagine that when I was already a grown-up adult, I could make such a stupid joke? They simply had no idea about my financial status, and they did not expect that fifty monitors are up to my pocket. Our country is poor anyway. “No one is prophet in their own land” is a common syndrome among humans: we think we know well the person we think we know.

A day many years ago, I was on my previous job, and we had to furnish a flat in Prague for our needs. I went to a furniture shop with one of my colleagues, an American. We spoke English to the shop assistants, and we ordered many items. When it was time to pay, I gave them my credit card. As the amount was not small, I gave them my Bulgarian ID card as well. Then something very strange happened - without having an idea that I speak Czech too, they called the police and stated that someone is attempting a fraud on them. Then they told us in English that we should wait for a while “because you know, these POS terminals are so slow”. Silently I told my colleague to sit comfortable on their display sofa and to enjoy the show. Police came quickly and asked what they were called for. The shop assistant pointed to me and said “He is BULGARIAN, but he has a Visa GOLD!”. Keeping my smile, I switched to Czech: “If my gold card doesn't work for you, I have a platinum one too, but it is MasterCard, do you prefer that one?” Then I explained to the police officers that we are ordering furniture and it would be delivered within weeks, long after the money are withdrawn from my card. They had to apologize, and it was a very awkward moment for them.

But why do we prejudge people? It happened to me too, many times, and unfortunately I have prejudged wrong people in their favor, by lending money I never got back, or ordering goods they never delivered, or giving them a job and tasks they were not capable of completing. Prejudging always has poor end. A recent example of prejudging entertained me a lot:

If you think that trusting people who offer you a $20 item of Internet is risky, then how about hiring someone new on a position that comes with several thousand dollars salary and root access to 500 servers with all priceless customer data on them? From my point of view, such a deal is an enormous inequality of risk. You can Google "ICDSoft" and find out that the owner of ICDSoft was paying fair salaries for 18+ years, always on time. But what he gets from a search on a job candidate is often a Facebook profile with dozens of party photos. Well, I know many men and women whose Facebook profiles are enough evidence for being sentenced in some countries, while they are professionals and posses a very kind personality. So any Facebook profile that meets the Facebook Terms of Use looks neutral to me. CV's? They are written by the candidate... Recommendations? Even worse: they are written by someone I do not know but one thing is sure: it did not work between them and that candidate. What to do in this case then? The only way is to rely on my experience and to take the full risk. I have hired and fired hundreds of people while building my team. I was not born with experience in knowing and understanding people, and I had all type of people as colleagues: I had a mole that came to see how stuff operated here, while having his own web hosting company, I had a mole that tried to steal the customer database, I had a colleague who smoked marijuana at work and even had another colleague who was selling it to her at the office (it is a crime in my country). On top of it, the mentioned people wanted to sue me for invading their privacy at work. I had a heavy drinker as a colleague, a person who borrowed money from me and never returned them, and even two colleagues who wanted the ownership of the company from me by blackmailing in a way “Transfer the company to us or we will persuade all colleagues to quit jobs!” A bunch of people were writing against me and ICDSoft on job forums, while working in a department that badly needed more staff (“do not come here as I am afraid you may take my job”, but in other words). That's why, the team I have today is so precious to me; each of them has earned my trust many years ago. Because of this, now I do not have to lose my time on looking for new staff and to wonder whether any of the new people might do something wrong. If my colleagues were to issue their own currency, the best description on the notes will be “We're Gods of Trust”. As many others, I do not trust my government, I do not trust their opposition too, as they were greedy and corrupted in the same way when they were ruling, I do not trust a lot of other things, but I am proud to say that I have managed to build a small team of 50 people I can trust and have earned their trust. As a team, we have earned the trust of tens of thousands of customers.

I believe that somewhere out there, there are other teams that achieved the same in their fields. I want to believe that such phenomenon is contagious and I dream of a world made of people who live in Trust.

Harmony, Peace and even the money/well being are just faces of The Trust. When one earns The Trust, the other faces of it just come along.