So, finally our civilization managed to build a world of prosperity and surplus where access to food is granted to almost everyone. When quantity is not a problem, many focus on quality – there is demand for eggs from happy hens and milk from happy cows. Go type “eggs from” or “milk from” on any search engine and “happy hens” and “happy cows” will pop automatically as a suggestion because many people have already searched for this.

But try to search for “service by” or “goods by” and you will see that “happy people” does not exist on the menu. I doubt that any animal will happily give its egg or milk to another species, but I know so many people who are really happy to see me appreciate their products. Moreover, I like to be served by people who radiate happiness and I like to be surrounded by happy people. I like going to the office because here I managed to build a team of 50 people who are happy with their job and their life. It was a long process where both sides, boss and employees, had to build mutual trust – salary increases were followed by more and more dedication, and it was followed by an increase of the number of paid holidays, a decrease of working hours per week, and many other benefits.

Sadly, it doesn't work with everyone, and I had to consistently prune the team and rehire better fits, at least during the first 10 years. But since then, with the joint efforts of all of us, we managed to make our workplace a small heaven on Earth, where everyone is a good friend with everybody, where people spend only 32 hours per week, 10 months per year, where paychecks always come on time, giving a good standard of living to everyone. The main benefit for the whole team, which comes from the reduced working hours and increased paid holidays, is that my colleagues have more time to focus on their, and their families', health and well-being. They have time to practice sports, spend quality time with their loved ones, and simply enjoy life. This reflects directly on the quality of work. We all enjoy what we do, and how we do it. As a result of all this, our workflow is constantly getting smoother and more effortless. My goal is not to grow the business exponentially at any cost, but to keep that serenity.

That's why we do not advertise – yes, we had zero advertising budget for almost 18 years – the money our customers pay for our service goes only for hardware, co-location, internet traffic, and our salaries. So, instead of serving more and more customers just to pay expensive advertising campaigns, we serve just about 60 000 lucky customers now, which is more than enough for us to operate. They are lucky because they are served by people who are not overwhelmed by work. That's why we react to our customers’ questions so swiftly and professionally. The average age of our customers’ accounts is 9 years. The average employee seniority within the company is 10 years. The key why everyone - customers and staff, stays with ICDSoft, is happiness. Customers feel happy with the speed and the way we answer their questions. When a customer asks for help, they do not just get the answer within minutes, but the answer itself carries the positive energy of the person who wrote it, and that positive energy is what makes our customers appreciate us. Since we got used to being paid well, being surrounded by friendly colleagues, and not being overwhelmed by work, there is only one possible immediate reward for my colleagues – their answer being appreciated by the customer. And to achieve this, they engage all their virtues each time a customer needs their help. For me, observing this process is one of the most satisfying things I have ever witnessed in my whole life.

It is good that many of you care about the welfare of poultry and cattle, but please, do not forget your fellow humans either – pay attention whether those who produce the goods and services you use are happy, too. Since you have the power to push every farmer on Earth to improve the living conditions of animals, I believe you have the power to push business owners to improve working conditions as well, and this means you have the power to make the whole world happier.