Office floor map

The headquarters and support center of ICDSoft are located in a calm residential area near the center of Sofia - the capital of Bulgaria. The building is mostly residential, just the first two floors are offices and shops.

One day a customer asked whether he could arrange a visit to our headquarters, and requested someone to show him around. The colleague on shift answered that we are here 24/7, so that he could come anytime, and he would find someone here. Also, we explained to the customer that our office is relatively small, and sent the above map to him, so that the customer can get an idea of what to expect.

The customer responded: "I don't care about offices and buildings. What I want to see are the people in this office, so please arrange me a visit to them!"

He was apparently a wise man. It is not the office that makes up what a company is, but the people that work in it.