Renewal rate history

Renewal rate is a crucial indicator for a company that operates for 17 years without any advertising. As expected, customers are supporting ICDSoft the very same way it supports them. Some statistics:

  • The average age of accounts on ICDSoft servers is 2576 days - or seven years,
  • The average lifespan of a web site on the Internet is two years and seven months,
  • The average company lifespan is ten years.

Obviously not only ICDSoft, but most of its customers also, are beating these global averages. As of today, ICDSoft is 18 years old and more than half of our customers have been with us for over ten years. Most of our customers host business websites with us, and their businesses are older than ten years as well.

I am very satisfied with these statistics, and so I plead: if by chance you decide to host your site with ICDSoft, but you are not sure if your website will last, please change your mind and do not corrupt my statistics. :)