Support workload

Our support service has always been one of the characteristics that ICDSoft is known for.

On this chart, you can see some statistics for ICDSoft's support team through the years - number of tickets, emails, and their totals, as well as the average response time. The response time values is on the right, and what you see as values (5-6-7) is not the response time in days or hours, but in minutes. We are well aware that when a customer needs assistance, they need it NOW, and not within an hour. That's why nothing else than a minute-grade response is acceptable.

You can see on the chart how the response time was nearly zero at the beginning, began to grew a bit, and that resulted in the first employees hired by ICDSoft in 2002.

See how the number of support requests is lowering from 2003 since now? Yes, this is possible, just because of our clients' profile. When your renewal rate is low and you constantly look for new customers, these new customers come with their requests, and you have more tickets and emails to answer. When customers are happy and the renewal rate is high, then these renewing customers would post fewer support requests than newly-coming customers. Thus you get less workload, and more happy customers. Simple as that.